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Here you'll find a Guidemaster Plugin for Atik/Artemis cameras.

I have already taken some nice deep sky pictures using this plugin and an Atik16IC-HS as guidecam, but you should test it yourself before you drive to a remote observing site.

Currently tested Cameras with Guidemaster 2.0.14: Atik16IC-HS and Atik16HR

If you have tested it with a different Atik/Artemis camera, please let me know if it works.

Any kind of feedback, bug reports, suggestions or feature requests are highly appreciated.
Just send me a mail to  
Atik 16IC-HS / Art-424:

You will need to download FTChipID.dll and copy it into the directory where Guidemaster is installed.
Atik 16HR / Art-285

You may have to copy ArtemisCCD.dll (which should be shipped with the camera software) into Guidemasters directory.
Goto your Guidemaster directory and make a backup of interface.dll; download and extract the zip file with the new interface.dll and replace it with the old one. After you start Guidemaster there should be an a new Videodriver available in the options of "Guiding Imager"
Q: Can I use two Atik/Artemis cameras at the same time ? (one for guiding and one for imaging)
A: Yes
Q: Where do I specify the cameras pixel size ?
A: The pixel size will be detected by the plugin and automatically set.
Q: Guidemaster crashes with "Laufzeitfehler 13" (Runtime Error 13), how can I fix this ?
A: try this: edit config1.ini and set the value of pixelX and pixelY to 0.
Q: Guidemaster crashed and I can't reconnect to the camera!
A: Disconnect your camera from its power source, wait a few seconds then reconnect it. Make sure no autoguider.exe is still running and restart Guidemaster.
Q: Does this plugin support my cameras ST4 guide port ?
A: Not yet.
Q: Where can I download FTChipID.dll ?
A: here
The software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind. Use it at your own risk.
Version 0.0.3 (2008-03-01) for Guidemaster 2.0.14(+?): atik_artemis_plugin_0.0.3.zip
Changes: Fixed a memory leak.
Version 0.0.2 (2008-01-04) for Guidemaster 2.0.14(+?): atik_artemis_plugin_0.0.2.zip
Changes: Code cleanups, Improved image normalization and gain.