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Titlebar - Communities / Associations
Astronomie.de Large german speaking community. Even some dealers of astronomical equipment are present.
cloudynights.com Huge english speaking community.
Burgenländischen Amateurastronomen (Amateur Astronomers of Castlecountry) Some of Austrias finest astrophotographers are members.
deepsky.de Another german speaking community with lots of users.
Wiener Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Astronomie (Astronomy Association Vienna) They seem to like saturn ;-)
Titlebar - Education / Entertainment
The Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures Podcasts Excellent astronomy lectures!!!
UC Berkeley Webcast superb astronomy lectures from Alex Filippenko and Joshua Bloom
Alpha Centauri Astronomy related show from professor Lesch (in german)
Sci_Expert show from prof. Lesch More from prof. Lesch (in german; I hope you have a popup-blocker)
The Hidden Universe Podcasts Audio and Video podcasts from the Spitzer Space Telescope.
Titlebar - Humor
Animals in the dark Ever thought you are the only one chased by wild animals? You are not! I could spent days reading this thread ;-)
Andy's Astronomy Humor Page Collection of jokes related to astronomy.
Astronomy Humor Some more jokes.
Titlebar - Miscellaneous
Astronomy Picture of the Day Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe.
heavens-above.com Huge satellite database; iridium flare and ISS forecasts for your location.
spaceweather.com "What's up in Space?"
Continent-Amastro big collection of amateur astronomers websites
meteoros.de Detailed predictions of northern lights.
Titlebar - Personal Homepages
Gerald Wagner Hubble Space Telescope-like pictures taken from earth(?)
nightsky.at Amazing DSLR pictures from Walter Koprolin and Wolfgang Howurek.
Wei-Hao Wang Excellent milkyway and widefield pictures from Hawaii.
narrowbandimaging.com Narrowband images from Richard Crisp
Bruno's Astropage Another amateur astrophotographer.
hvezdarnicka.sk Peter Delincaks astrophotography and astronomy page; check his "unique" mount ;-)
Titlebar - Software
Guidemaster is a good autoguiding software for webcams (and some CCDs)
Iris is an excellent image processing software from Christian Buil. It's a real alternative to commercial products.
Stellarium Superb open source planetarium; see the nightsky as it really would be.
Adobe Photoshop probably the most popular image editor.
DSLRFocus helps reaching perfect focus with your DSLR.
AstroArt A complete software for image processing, photometry, astrometry, CCD control and image stacking for CCD and film images.
MaximDL software suite for those who are serious about astrophotography.
RegiStar Registration and image stacking at high precision.
RegiStax nice tool for registering and stacking (mostly) lunar or planetary images.
Titlebar - Weather Forecasts
Meteoblue high resolution weather forecast models for europe and astronomical seeing predictions!
BOLAM two graphical weather forecast models (6.5 and 21km) for central europe.
ZAMG Austrian meteorology institute
University Bern - NOAA AVHRR High resolution satellite images of europe
wetter.orf.at Austrian weather forecast; updates frequently.
www.wetter.at Austrian weather forecast for those who are too lazy to read.