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Rainer Zmaritsch
Messier 81 and Messier 82
Comet Holmes 17p
The Leo Triplet
Alexander Gross
The Virgo Cluster
Messier 106 and NGC4217
Hi, I'm Rainer Zmaritsch. I got interested in astrophotography soon after I purchased a DSLR camera in 2004. I got serious about my hobby after realizing that it's possible to catch a glimpse of some of the brighter deep sky objects using only a fixed tripod and my new camera.
I got to know Alexander in the civil service where I discovered that he had a computer controlled telescope. A few days later our first joint astrophotography experiments began. :-)
Realizing that his telescope was not the best choice for astrophotography I quickly aquired my own equatorial mount, providing the foundation for more professional work. Since then the amount of my equipment has grown constantly and I've spent countless hours improving it.
A few words about Alexander:
Alex is one of the guys who'll roll down the window in the can passing by a church just to hear the Doppler effect on its bells. His hunt for faint background galaxies is challenged only by his bad eyesight - usually he identifies Polaris while others have catalogued half of the night sky already. If you spot somebody talking about time travel while eating an ice cream in deep winter on a mountain - that's Alex.
Birthdate: April 1980, Vienna
Occupation: Open Source Solutions,
High Performance Computing
Interests: Astrphotography,
Science Fiction
Hi, I'm Alexander Gross. Altough my interest in Astrophysics was sparked when I was a preschool child, astrophotography didn't cross my mind until Rainer came up with the idea to mount his DSLR camera on my cheap telescope back in 2004. My motivation is the hunt for background galaxies and the physical and philosophical interpretation of deep sky images.
A few words about Rainer:
When skies are cloudy, he'll spend his spare time home-brewing new equipment. If it can be opened, he'll tweak it. If something is too expensive, he'll build it himself. Don't try to communicate with him before 11am, he'll be sitting in a chair, paralyzed by sunlight, a Red Bull in his left hand, a cigarette in his right, casting about for the party guilty of waking him.
Birthdate: January 1984, Vienna
Occupation: Physics student,
System Administrator
Interests: Physics (breakthrough propulsion, multiverse interpretation, theoretical and astrophysics)
Music (piano, composing, soundtrack production),
Software development,
Science Fiction,
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